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Catalyst Care Group’s Response to the Shelving of the Mental Health Bill

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Dear Everyone in our Care Sector

As Catalyst Care Group, we are deeply aware of the disappointment caused by the omission of the Mental Health Bill from today’s King’s Speech.

The Mental Health Act, a cornerstone of mental healthcare legislation, has long been overdue for reform. This legislation plays a crucial role in the lives of individuals facing mental health crises, and its reform has been eagerly anticipated. Whilst its absence from the King’s Speech is disheartening, it’s important to remember that the path to progress is often winding, with unexpected twists.

We have heard and shared the stories of individuals who have experienced the distressing consequences of being detained under the current Act. Their voices, along with the voices of countless others, have been instrumental in driving our belief, and our campaign for reform. We won’t let their experiences be in vain. Instead, we channel our determination into a renewed commitment to fight for better mental healthcare.

The absence of the Mental Health Bill in today’s speech is a moment of pause, not defeat. It serves as a reminder of the work that lies ahead. We remain dedicated to our mission to ensure that the rights and dignity of individuals in mental health crises are respected and upheld. This cause is more significant than any single legislative document.

The current situation may be disappointing, but we believe that it’s a call to action. It is a call to unite, to advocate, and to push for change. While it feels like a momentary setback, we see it as an opportunity to rally for reform with even greater determination. Our resolve remains unshaken, and we will not stop until every person facing mental health challenges receives the support and respect they deserve.

At Catalyst Care Group, we firmly believe that the journey toward reform is ongoing. Together with the countless individuals, families, and advocates who have poured their hearts and souls into this campaign, we will continue to make our voices heard.

Not so long ago, Dr Martin Luther King said, “Our lives begin to end the moment we keep silent about the things that matter.”

We remain unwavering in our commitment to bring about positive change in the realm of mental healthcare, and we look forward to a future where the Mental Health Act truly reflects the needs and aspirations of those it was designed to protect.

The Catalyst Care Group Family

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