Faster Access to Complex Care: Leaf Complex Care Launches New Website

Faster Access to Complex Care: Leaf Complex Care Launches New Website

We are thrilled to announce that Leaf Complex Care (LCC), one of the companies under the Catalyst Care Group, has launched its new website.
Leaf Complex Care is one of the best-tailored complex care and support providers for people with learning/intellectual disabilities and people on the Autism spectrum. Its new website will contribute further to making the comprehensive services more accessible to people that need them. The website is also more accessible for clinicians interested in joining Leaf Complex Care. Plus, users can now get relevant information on this digital platform at all times.
Leaf Complex Care’s new website also delivers outstanding service and humanised care by following the Care, Support, and Employ pathways.

New Features of the LCC Website

Let us guide you through the new, brilliant features of LCC’s website:

  • Leaf Complex Care is one of the healthcare industry’s finest tailored complex care and support providers and is CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulated. The new website provides information about the company’s values and culture, the CQC ratings, and why the people we serve, and clinicians, choose Leaf. Case commissioners that are searching for expertise in transforming care can now quickly get in touch with the relevant team member for this.
  • The new website provides detailed information about Leaf Complex Care’s services. The company provides a range of care services under two main categories: complex care services and rapid response services. The web navigation leads you to a detailed list of complex care services such as Autism care, learning disabilities care, mental health care, ADHD care, and more.
  • We are incredibly proud of our Impact Stories, which shine the light on the voices of our employees, clinicians, and the people we serve. Additionally, the website shares testimonials of family members from the people we support.
  • The new website features a perfectly adapted interface and the ability to apply and become part of the team. The Fast Track Team is a key feature for healthcare workers with more than two years of experience to start their registration. The website also provides detailed information about the benefits of choosing Leaf Complex Care, such as free clinician training, a Referral Scheme, and more.
  • Website visitors can now stay informed with articles and blog posts under the Blog section of the new website. The posts are informative and educational. They offer guidance, share case studies, the latest news from the industry, resources, answers to frequently asked questions about different conditions and challenges and much more.
  • The interactive menu leads users to one of the following locations where Leaf Complex Care offers its services: Bristol, Exeter, Slough, Midlands and Somerset. You will now find an additional list of services for each location. Another standout feature is the list of team members under each location mentioned above. Those who need support and care can be in direct contact and have proper guidance and expertise.

Explore the Website!

We invite you to explore Leaf Complex Care’s new website further. The navigation is precise, and all information is easily accessible. Whether you need tailored complex care for yourself or a loved one or are looking for a person-centred career in healthcare, you’ll find the new LCC website easy to use.

We are proud to have Leaf Complex Care as part of the Catalyst Care Group house of brands and improve healthcare together.

To explore the LCC website, click here.

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