Celebrating International Women’s Day: Catalyst Care Group Embraces Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Catalyst Care Group Embraces Diversity and Inclusion

We are thrilled to have celebrated International Women’s Day this year and showed our commitment to supporting gender equality.
International Women’s Day is a global movement that celebrates the social, political, and economic achievements of women all over the world. As a house of brands, our family is full of outstanding, kind, intelligent and supportive women of all ages and backgrounds. Hence, we believe that gender equality is more than a fundamental right but also a core element of success, innovation, and comradery. 
However, we also see International Women’s Day as a call to action towards our stakeholders to promote gender equity. So, aside from honouring the women inside the CCG family – we took the opportunity to use our platform and embrace equity.

Diversity Behind Our Doors

We are witnessing the power of diversity every day across all our brands. Our gender-diverse teams have proven to be more effective regarding decision-making, productivity, performance, and innovation. As a house of brands, we strive to encourage a culture of diversity and inclusion.

What’s more, we believe in empowering women and promoting equity in all areas of life. Every woman deserves an equal opportunity to succeed and thrive.

As a company, we understand the impact we have when it comes to speaking up on these matters. Therefore, we encourage all companies in the healthcare industry and beyond to stand up and embrace diversity and inclusion.

Using Our Voice

Additionally, we used our platforms at Unique Community Service and Leaf Complex Care to discuss this year’s International Women’s Day theme – DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

We celebrated the milestones technology has provided for women and girls worldwide. However, we underlined that there’s still a long path we each must walk to provide women and girls with equal technological opportunities.

Our goal is to continue creating an environment that is free of gender bias and encourages equal opportunities for all. We want to thank all our amazing women inside the Catalyst Care Group family for their fantastic work, support and dedication.

Let this be a call to action to embrace equity today.

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