Catalyst Care Group Is Officially One of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing

Catalyst Care Group Is Officially One of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing

We proudly inform you that Catalyst Care Group is officially recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplace™ for Wellbeing for 2023.
The Great Place to Work®, a global authority on workplace culture, once again recognised our commitment to employee wellbeing. According to their criteria, we rank 39 among the 100 medium size organisations on the list that got the award for UK’s Best Workplace™ for Wellbeing.
Our employee engagement survey from October last year drove our position on this prestigious list. This survey measured the extent to which everyone across Catalyst Care Group feels about the culture of well-being we’ve developed collectively. Among the reasons why our employees believe we are a great place to work, we emphasise the following:

  • Our employee programs
  • The humanised approach
  • Treating employees as a family

Commitment to Further Improvement

More than 98% of the employees at Catalyst Care Group believe that the company is a safe place to work, and 96% feel that everyone within the organisation is taking care of each other as a family. Also, 95% feel proud to work at Catalyst Care Group and feel entirely accepted as a member, regardless of their position.

These numbers prove that we are on the right path to transforming health and social care in the UK. We can only achieve that vision and belief through clinicians and colleagues that feel valued, working within psychologically safe teams.

Additionally, this award emphasises our commitment to our priority – people. We will make sure in future to apply the same and even advanced methodologies by:

  • Creating wellbeing programs and benefits that will improve the work conditions, health and happiness of our employees
  • Providing mental health and wellness support for psychological, physical, and social wellbeing as part of the support for our employees
  • Striving for everyone within our organisation to feel safe, valued and appreciated, helping create a culture of wellbeing
  • Providing humanised care and support to people with complex needs and continuously improving the services we are delivering across all brands under Catalyst Care Group

The UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing recognitions were delivered for the second time this year. They are showcasing the leading organisations providing cultures conducive to outstanding psychological, physical, and social wellbeing. Experts from Great Place to Work®, organisers of these awards, analyse thousands of employee surveys, assessing people’s holistic experiences of wellbeing at work to determine the list with organisations.

The surveys ask employees to comment on how their company supports their work-life balance, sense of fulfilment, job satisfaction, psychological safety, and financial security. Evaluations also include assessing how well the organisation could consistently deliver employee experience across all departments and seniority levels.

We are grateful to everyone from our company that contributed to this survey and played a significant role in achieving the recognition of UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing™ for 2023.

Second Recognition from Great Place to Work®

We are thrilled that this is the second recognition we have earned from Great Place to Work® in the last several months. The first award we won from them was Great Place to Work-Certified™ Organisation. That award also recognised our understanding of what employees need and what we do to meet those needs.

These two awards are received during difficult years for organisations and employees in the UK and the world. Employers have coped with the Great Resignation, anxiety over quiet quitting, navigating the endlessly complex landscape of hybrid working, and other challenges. Only a few companies could find ways to overcome them, offering employees a safe and supportive community and tailored support for internal and external challenges.

Being recognised as a positive example among those few is a true honour.

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