About Us

Cаtalyst Care Group is a house of brands that offer CQC-regulated tailored complex care and specialist health and social care staffing solutions.

We are focused on transforming how care is delivered in the UK, facilitating conversations, and shifting perspectives across the sector on how we can work together to support people out of long stay institutionalised care, and build capacity in the community to meet the emerging needs of our population, ultimately enabling care-at-home to be the first port of call.



Supporting Eаch Other in Every Step of the Catalyst Care Group Journey


Making an Impact in the Healthcare Sector by Transforming Care For The Better


Working Together as a Team To Create an Inclusive and Safe Company Culture

We shape our company’s culture around our core values of Family, Impact, and Teaming, which enable us to work together continuously to deliver the best possible care.

Our values drive us toward becoming a catalyst for change in the health and social care sector. At Catalyst Care Group, everyone that works with us is welcomed and valued as a member of our growing family.

Our skilled and dedicated clinicians are aligned with our core values, which results in their compassionate and focused work on improving people’s lives. Our company’s inclusive culture allows them to feel valued and supported in their roles, fostering outcome-based approaches to deliver the best possible support for our clients.

As an evolving company, these values underpin our everyday interactions, which drive commitment toward impactful work through collaboration and acceptance.


Catalyst Care Group’s purpose is to transform healthcare in the UK by demonstrating humanised ways of working, creating a framework to shift perspectives, and fostering conversations on how we can support people out of long-stay institutional care and receive care in their own homes. Our approach supports local care and promotes the well-being of the people we serve with the goal of preventing the need for an acute hospital stay or long-term inpatient admissions.

We believe receiving care at home should always be the first port of call when meeting the emerging needs of people and families requiring support.

With one purpose in mind – to change the healthcare sector for the better, we aim to reduce the rates of delayed discharges and focus on providing care and support at home.

Our mission is to lead the way in humanised care approaches for our clients and clinicians and be a Great Place to Work for all.

The clear mission we have guides us to:

  • Make humanised care accessible to everyone
  • End ‘out-of-area’ placements
  • End the practice of “Institutionalising” people with mental ill-health and learning disabilities 
  • Reduce inpatient admissions
  • Reduce delayed discharges