Providing Care and Support in The
Comfort of Your Home

Driven by our purpose and mission we enable healthcare solutions that can provide people with complex and diverse care needs to live meaningful and fulfilled lives.


Catalyst Care Group’s primary goal is to align with public health services and other partners to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, facilitate timely discharges, and prevent out-of-area placements.
We believe in open and transparent discussions about the future of healthcare, where collaboration, humanised complex care and the well-being of our workforce are the main priorities.

Diversity and inclusion

Within our company, we consider diversity and inclusion more than just a policy or a programme. We continuously strive to accept and appreciate all our team membersā€™ unique needs, potential and goals, regardless of their religion, culture, gender, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.

We are dedicated to facilitating an environment that values the many perspectives of the people we work with and the people we support, that gives an equal voice in the provision of high-quality complex care.

Creating shared and lasting value

To create and share value, we engage the people we work with, the people we support, their families, and the local community.

As a house of brands, we are dedicated to building a better future through a powerful sense of leadership and responsibility in an industry that struggles to prioritise the needs and aspirations of the people who need specialised care and support.

Foundation Work | Catalyst Foundation - SHE project

Mayda Mapondera, the CEO of Catalyst Foundation, invests in and supports the SHE Project, part of the Catalyst Foundation. This project provides holistic support and education for young girls in rural Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, and Kenya facing gender inequality.

Founding this project is our way of making an intentional impact in empowering girls to break barriers in food security, health, and education. As a trustee and foundation supporter, Mayda actively contributes to the greater good in the Zimbabwean communities of Tsholotsho and Beatrice by caring for around 40 young girls.