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Catalyst Foundation is on a mission to provide support to vulnerable groups in society. Their main focus is tailoring their care to the person’s specific needs. Catalyst Foundation provides long-term support and sustainable plans that aim to enable people to reach their full potential.

Catalyst Foundation

Catalyst Foundation provides support for vulnerable individuals that are in line with the work that they do and the projects that they support.

This company is on a mission to transform the lives of vulnerable groups in society by providing tailored and holistic support to those in need. With a keen focus on tailoring their support to the person’s specific needs, Catalyst Foundation implements sustainable plans that facilitate the realisation of their full potential.

The foundation is committed to delivering consistent long-term care to the people they work with. They believe that by working closely together, they can create better opportunities and inspire people to have hope for a brighter future.

Currently the SHE Project falls under the Catalyst Foundation. It offers comprehensive assistance to young females in rural regions of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, and Kenya.

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Transforming lives

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