Catalyst Care Group Host Best Practices Leadership Summit

Catalyst Care Group Host Best Practices Leadership Summit

This year, from March 20th until the 24th, we organised a summit in Skopje to bring together the Catalyst Care Group leadership.
The event aimed to exchange ideas and learn best practices from each other. As with everything within our house of brands, we strived to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment to enhance our teams’ camaraderie.
The summit started with a Q&A panel with our CEO Trevor Mapondera. During the panel, Trevor shared his views, leadership journey, and perspectives on the future of leading others.
This panel perfectly set the tone for what was to come.

Leading by Example

During the following days, all CCG leaders interacted with each other and gained new insightful knowledge. We held workshops, discussions, and presentations on effective leadership, continuous improvement, and achieving outstanding CQC ratings.

Additionally, the attendees got the opportunity to network and get to know each other better, ultimately leading them to deliver quality services for the people we serve.

We chose Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia, to host the summit because of its cultural significance. The city is rich in history and diversity. It was the ideal place to host a summit whose goal was to bring people from different backgrounds together and unite as a team.

United to Provide the UK'S Best Healthcare Services

As a certified Great Place to Work™, we believe in caring for our employee’s well-being, especially during work-related events. Therefore, we could only have ended the summit with teambuilding activities and soaking in the cultural awe of Skopje’s Old Bazar, Kale Fortress, and Matka Canyon.

We believe the summit was a huge success. The attendees left with new insights, knowledge, friendships, and motivation to provide the best healthcare services in the UK.

What’s more, this event was another opportunity for all of us at Catalyst Care Group to feel the power of togetherness and willingness to make the world a better place.

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