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Catalyst Care Group Celebrates Recognitions at the Loddon Conference 2023

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At Catalyst Care Group, we are driven by our commitment to transforming healthcare, humanising care, and fostering a culture where everyone is seen as family. Our unwavering dedication to changing the health and social care sector for the better was further validated when our Positive Behaviour Support team attended the esteemed Loddon Training Conference.

Celebrating Our Achievements

Catalyst Care Group was proudly awarded the Runner Up for the Best Practice Award. This recognition is a testament to our commitment and mission to make humanised care accessible to all.

Further elevating our joy was the acknowledgement of Ben Andrew, our dedicated Positive Behaviour Coach. He was awarded the Runner Up certificate for Instructor of the Year. Ben’s dedication to our cause and his continuous effort to improve the lives of the individuals we serve have truly made a lasting impact.

“It was such an honour to receive the award. When I first became aware of PROACT-SCIPr-UK it really clicked with me. It lines up so nicely with PBS and the values of our organisation. I always try to engage and support learners in the best way I can. I love training, especially when I can see our clinicians reflect on their own practice. When I hear them speak about how they will use what they’ve learned to better people’s lives’, it’s simply the best feeling.”

– Benjamin Andrew, Positive Behaviour Support Coach

The Loddon Training Conference Impact

This year’s conference offered us an invaluable opportunity to delve deeper into the “Capable Environments” concept. Through sharing and learning, we discussed the true potential of creating spaces where individuals truly thrive and where behaviour that challenges is not managed but understood and transformed.

“All the therapy team and PROACT-SCIPr trainers go above and beyond on a daily basis traveling all around the country to deliver bespoke training and to spend time with the people in our care as well as their families. They deserve the recognition, each and everyone of them. I am so excited for their future as we build the team to be able to make more of an impact.”

– Louise Bray, Continuous Improvement Lead

Our Gratitude

To our entire Positive Behaviour Support team, we express our profound gratitude. Their dedication, passion, and commitment to our vision resonate with every life they touch, and these recognitions are but a reflection of the immense impact you bring to the people you support.

Your effort underlines the core of what Catalyst Care Group represents – a catalyst for positive change in the health and social sector.

A special note of gratitude to Loddon Training. We sincerely thank the entire team at Loddon for orchestrating such an enlightening conference and the incredible training and services they offer.

Our association with Loddon has been enriching, and we look forward to more collaborative endeavours in the future.

Transforming lives

Transforming care for the better