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The Story of Hayden: How Our Support Workers Helped Hayden Manage Behavioural Challenges with PBS

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Hayden is a young boy living with autism and ADHD. With challenging life circumstances, Hayden’s family struggled to find high-quality, compassionate care to meet his physical and mental health needs.

This heart-warming video symbolises the power of empathy, humanity and a person-centred approach in transforming the life of Hayden through the commitment of one of the Catalyst Care Group brands.


This case study showcases the importance of personalised and human-rights-based care that one of the Catalyst Care Group brands provided to Hayden.

Hayden is a young boy living with autism and ADHD. With challenging life circumstances, Haydan’s family struggled to find high-quality, compassionate care to meet his physical and mental health needs.

Seeking support from social care proved half-hearted as they were unable to meet his needs at school and community. Hayden’s parents enrolled in courses to learn strategies to assist the process. Still, there was a lack of physical assistance for his behaviour, and things became even more challenging for Hayden and his family.

This heart-warming case study symbolises the power of empathy, humanity and a person-
centred approach in transforming the life of Hayden through the commitment of one of the Catalyst Care Group brands.

A Briefing on the Past: Hayden’s Story

Hayden had previously been admitted to a hospital with minimal opportunities for interacting with people. He received below basic support and was subjected to a high dose of medications round-the-clock. Hayden was isolated from mainstream society, with his preferences being overlooked. These settings had a notable impact on Hayden’s psychological, cognitive, and physical development. The undernutrition caused serious health deterioration leading to a moment when his parents feared for Hayden’s life and future. Yet, in the most challenging time in their lives, there was a glimmer of hope for Hayden and his family.

Hayden was discharged from the hospital due to the media coverage of the case, as Jaycee, his mom, decided to share the story with the public. Still, he became isolated as his behaviour deteriorated, making it impossible for him to manage school, and the family members who used to look after him could no longer cope.

Meeting the Challenges

His parents asked for support from the social care services but didn’t manage to receive respite care. Meantime, the school he used to attend struggled to meet Hayden’s needs, particularly during holidays when routines change, and every break in routine resulted in behaviours of concern. Since the school he attended didn’t cater to his needs, Hayden got dysregulated and suspended. Still, the family didn’t give up. They struggled to obtain a secure investment in their child’s future and well-being by receiving adequate support that would make him feel safe and comfortable for who he is.

“We (parents) don’t have a chance to look out for our mental health, and that is what’s impacted most. I think it’s the isolation, being able to socialise, feeling trapped, feeling like you can’t help your own child, but yet you can’t get the support you need to enable you to do that. And that feels awful as a parent, for any parent to have to go through, let alone you’re still battling that and having doors shut in your face when you just ask for support so your child can thrive.” – says Jaycee, Hayden’s mom.

Opening A New Chapter In Hayden’s And His Family’s Lives

When one of the Catalyst Care Group Teams started supporting Hayden, the lives of the family were transformed for the better.

We started with a 5:1 support package. The support team had the opportunity to meet Hayden and build strong relationships based on trust and genuine friendship. The support staff developed and established a personalised PBS plan that embraced Hayden’s current needs, even before they started supporting him.

Highly trained in handling behaviours of concern, the support team understood Hayden’s needs and what are the triggers that make him emotionally overwhelmed. The support staff knew how to provide emotional comfort and professional support in challenging moments. Hayden became more fulfilled and happier, spending time in social and fun activities like swimming, trampolining, bowling and writing. Hayden visits different parks and landmarks he saw in the books with his support workers. When he returns home, he shares his experiences with his parents and draws pictures of his adventures.

Hayden has developed a friendly and trusting relationship with his team. At the same time, behaviours of concern have been substantially reduced since the beginning of the journey. He enjoys spending time with his consistent team, who support and empower him in every aspect of his life. The positive outcome has reduced the care package to 2:1.

His mum continues: “Hayden is happy and can go and choose the activities he wants to do. Hayden has two carers who support him every day. They have built a great relationship with him. They know him very well, almost as well as us as parents. They can see him getting dysregulated before it happens, which often makes the whole difference to the day because it gives him a chance to be supported at the moment and do what he loves the most.”

The Life-Changing Impact of Catalyst Care Group Team

The support workers of the Catalyst Care Group brand, Leaf Complex Care, positively impacted Hayden’s life in so many ways. The support team ensured that Hayden received adequate support from the internal team of professionals, including PBS practitioner and speech and language therapist. Today, Hayden is engaged in many community-based activities that make him feel happy and fulfilled.

“I started working the care package when Hayden was 11 years old. It started 5:1, and now it is 2:1. We worked so hard; it was a long journey to be where we are with Hayden. He used to protest so much in different ways, but knowing your passion for care, we supported him to be who he is today. We don’t see much of the risks happening now.” – says Steven, one of Hayden’s support workers.

The support team partnered with Hayden, his family, the local authorities, and the educational segment to ensure all his human rights were respected. Hayden’s education journey started with regular 2-hour daily tutoring, following a personalised care plan. His team consistently meets to discuss and review the support plan and ensure they all align with the same person-centred and humanised approach.

”It’s refreshing to have a team that understands and has the knowledge of how to support Hayden.” – says his father.

“Things are going well; we are really happy with how everything is going and more importantly, Hayden is so happy and looks forward to each day. We can’t thank you all enough. Even professionals visiting him are shocked at the difference in him.” – adds Jaycee.

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