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The Impact of Flexibility and Creativity in Achieving the Best Outcomes for People

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Harley is a young boy who enjoys spending time in amusement parks and engaging in fun activities. When we first met Harley, he was a lively young boy who preferred spending all his time with his mum as these moments were precious to him, providing a sense of security, comfort and peace. However, Harley and his mum needed assistance and support to regain independence, experience individual progress and improve their overall quality of life.

Harley’s Journey

Harley is an eight-year-old boy who is deeply attached to his mum. At the age of 2 ½, he was diagnosed with severe learning difficulties, autism, and later with ADHD. Harly uses non-verbal communication, and his strong attachment to his mum has been growing every day, to the point that his mum felt overwhelmed and needed support. This closeness also describes Harley’s extreme reliance on his mother, creating challenging daily dynamics for both.

Facing the Challenges

Before one of Catalyst Care Group’s brands, Leaf Complex Care, started working with Harley, his mum was experiencing a crisis point and needed urgent support. As she had been waiting for assistance from the council for a long time, Harley’s mum faced constant stress and uncertainty. During the initial meeting with our team, Harley’s mum expressed the deep concerns and struggles she experienced while waiting for support. The team immediately recognised the need for urgent intervention, acknowledging the complex challenges Harley and his mum faced.

’We were approached by the Wolverhampton social team to assist a family who had hit a crisis point, and the mum needed support with her son Harley on a respite term. After visiting Mum and Harley, we understood the family’s needs and anxieties.’’ – explains Cara T., the Assistant Registered Manager at Leaf Complex Care in Birmingham.

Bringing Relief and Hope to the Family

The support team approached Harley’s family with an intentional and person-centred care plan. Harley required 2:1 support, and the team decided to introduce one support worker at a time during initial visits to ensure a positive impact and avoid overwhelming Harley and his mother. Choosing Anold, a highly experienced and compassionate support worker, the assistant registered manager supported him in the initial visits to help build trust and an honest relationship with Harley and his mum.

‘’He can now communicate his needs to staff, although we are supporting him to continue to grow in this area.’’ – says Anold K., Harley’s support worker.

After building a meaningful and trusting environment, the support team introduced the second team member. This gradual and deliberate approach empowered Harley’s mum to gain confidence in the care practitioners, providing both a sense of security and comfort.

Anold continues – ‘’Being in the community for social activities has given Harley’s mum time to carry out other chores, shopping, attending family gatherings, and, more importantly, time for her well-being.’’

The Impact of Person-Centred and Outcome-Based Approach

The support workers at Leaf Complex Care made a life-changing impact on Harley’s and his mother’s lives. Harley achieved significant progress through a carefully designed person-centred and holistic care plan involving activities that provide him with a sense of meaning, joy, and fulfilment.

‘’In this short period of time (3 months), we have seen Harley’s communication skills grow and challenging behaviours decrease. Harley also has a greater understanding, and his confidence has grown within the community.’’ – says Cara.

Our team’s creative and innovative care practices extended beyond basic support, resulting in greater independence and positive outcomes for Harley’s family. What used to be challenges are now engaging activities that help Harley discover new experiences that drive a sense of happiness and achievement.

‘’At Leaf Complex Care Birmingham, we strive to support families as a whole, not just the individual.’’ – Cara finishes.

Today, Harley enjoys spending time with his support workers, including engaging in fun activities like visiting fairgrounds where delicious ice cream is served. Harley’s journey showcases the power of transformation through person-centred and humanised care provided by highly trained and compassionate support workers. The heartfelt and genuine support empowered Harley and his family to break barriers and experience healthier family dynamics and peace of mind.

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