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Empowering Richard with Proactive PBS Strategies

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Richard is one of the young individuals we support. Richard has a set daily routine that he loves to follow, but he also finds joy in long walks in the woods and socialising with his support workers. He is a skilled swimmer and enjoys spending time by the water because it brings him peace and happiness. Richard is autistic, has global developmental delay and ADHD, and is non-verbal. Despite these challenges, he inspires us all by embracing each moment with optimism and courage.

Richard has developed a strong relationship with his support workers. They understand his strengths and passions and are committed to meeting Richard’s needs and achieving the best possible outcomes. As a result, Richard has been able to grow in an environment that is conducive to his well-being and happiness.

The Story of Richard

Richard is an amazing person with many talents and strengths, but he also faced some mobility and behavioural challenges. However, with the help of a compassionate team of support workers, he was able to live his best life and overcome these challenges.

In the past, even though Richard had the ability to walk independently, he got accustomed to using a wheelchair whenever he was out in the community. It gave him a sense of security, even when mobility wasn’t a challenge for him. As Richard started the journey to change his life for the better, the team stood ready to support him with empathy and understanding.

How Our Support Workers Empowered Richard

To establish Richard’s safety and success, his support workers created a supportive environment based on a person-centred approach. The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) team developed customised plans and calming techniques specific to Richard’s needs in order to establish trust, improve his behaviour and help him move closer to his goals.

Leaf came along, and this was the first time someone actually asked what we needed, which was refreshing and gave me a new hope. Leaf did the assessment, and the people they sent turned out to be more experienced.” – says Richard’s father.

Richard developed a stronger bond with his support workers, which made him feel more secure. They helped him walk and participate in the community without depending on a wheelchair. By using proactive plans, Richard began to thrive and became empowered. Within three months, he achieved his goal of walking independently in the community, which was a remarkable accomplishment in his journey.

He’s now walking about a two-mile walk easy, without problems, and that’s amazing. He’s happy to go on it, and admittedly, we did start by going to the cafe first, that’s Richard. He loves to walk around the woods and enjoys that walking gives him that stimulation required.’‘ – his father continues.

The Impact of Proactive Care and Support

Richard struggled with dining in public spaces, but with consistent and dedicated support, he overcame his challenges. Now, he happily enjoys meals at local restaurants with his loved ones and support team. His support workers provided person-centred care and Positive Behaviour Support to help Richard actively engage in community activities, improve his quality of life, and strengthen his relationships with his family. Richard has the support he needs to make positive changes and live a fulfilled life with his own goals and passions.

It is much easier than it used to be, way easier. When he goes swimming or something like that, he’s more relaxed. It’s more important to accept change, a life change, in certain things like swimming is on now. He’s happy to accept changes in that. So he is happier than he used to be.” – his father says.

Leaf Complex Care’s team collaboratively worked with Richard and his family to create a calm and secure environment where he could thrive. Richard is now ready to take the next step in his life and is moving into his own apartment, where the team will continue to support him. He is reaching his goals and is empowered, and the positive transformation in Richard’s life has inspired everyone.

As a team, we are committed to upholding the principles of humanised support and tailored care and fostering an environment that respects the human rights and dignity of individuals.

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