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Fostering Independence Through Proactive Care and Support

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Dominic is a dynamic young man with a truly inspiring story. When he was a little boy, Dominic fulfilled the autism diagnostic criteria. When Dominic turned 18, his family experienced challenging times while trying to balance his routines, behaviours, and way of life. They faced many struggles trying to secure supportive living accommodation for Dominic, where he could receive tailored care and have a better quality of life.

Dominic’s Journey

When our brand, Unique Community Services, started working with Dominic, they were fully committed to assisting him in building interpersonal and social skills. Now, he understands other people’s emotions much better, discovers happiness in small things, loves spending time in nature, and enjoys cooking. Seeing Dominic’s progress every day makes us grateful for the opportunity to make a positive change in his and the lives of his family.

Facing the Challenges

Dominic’s journey in supported living accommodation was difficult. He tried his best to understand his emotions and behaviours but faced challenges. His reactions towards healthcare assistants were intense, leading them to decide that it was unsafe for Dominic to go out in the community or with his family. Then Dominic received PRN medication, followed by social isolation and struggles with basic life skills. He found it challenging to be around children and animals or in busy areas with many sensory triggers surrounding him. To access better support, his family transitioned Dominic to a temporary home where he could feel secure and receive proactive support.

How Meeting Our Clinicians Changed Everything

The Unique Community Services team started supporting Dominic while he was staying in temporary accommodation. The team was carefully selected and committed to identifying and understanding his needs, desires and things that make him happy or stimulated. The staff quickly learned his way of communication and gradually, together with Dominic, started turning challenges into opportunities. Everyone was dedicated to implementing various strategies and techniques to improve his life skills, communication skills, and tolerance of sensory sensitivities. After a short time, Dominic made positive progress in how he acted while visiting busy community areas and started learning about other people’s emotions. Now, he loves going out, walking in nature, and cooking. He discovers happiness in things he excels at, like cleaning his home or playing video games.

The Impact of Proactive Support

The Unique Community Services team worked continuously to empower Dominic to rebuild relationships with his family and find joy in everyday activities. They used Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and proactive strategies to improve his daily skills and support him in regaining independence and autonomy. Now, Dominic enjoys visiting the park and feeding the ducks and can go to places he previously found overly stimulating every day. Thanks to humanised strategies and care, Dominic now happily interacts with his young niece without needing physical assistance from his support team.

Unique Community Services is committed to building the right support for people in the community. By delving into Dominic’s history, they recognised the underlying concerns and provided proactive care with empathy and compassion.

Transforming lives

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