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Do You See Me?

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People with learning differences have unique strengths that light up the world in ways others may not see at first glance. Embrace diversity, celebrate strengths.

Many people with a learning disability do not feel seen due to social stigma and barriers placed by society. Unconsciously, we often create bias and differentiate people as ‘us’ and ‘them’ based on the things we have different or in common.  This type of division poses invisible, or sometimes visible boundaries that can significantly impact people’s lives.

However, we all strive for the same purpose: to live the best possible lives, do the things we love and be surrounded by the people we love.

So, are we really that different?

Embracing Differences: It’s Not a Disability, It’s a Different Ability

Seeing differences as different abilities means embracing unique perspectives that redefine our world and help us all grow together.

Many people with a learning disability face social barriers and stigma in the community. Most of that happens due to misconceptions and a lack of seeing and accepting people for who they are.

Social stigma and perceived limitations negatively impact people’s quality of life, preventing them from reaching their full potential. This results in a loss of opportunities and inclusion, neglecting people’s human rights.

Stigmatising perspectives and behaviours around learning disabilities often result from a lack of awareness, prejudice and discrimination. Negative community attitudes and behaviours involve misconceptions and beliefs that unfairly place people with a learning disability on the side.

Let’s See People Beyond Limitations

People with a learning disability should be treated with respect and supported to reach their full potential. To create an inclusive society, we must focus on reducing stigma by:

  • Raising awareness to prevent misconceptions about learning disabilities.
  • Enhancing the visibility of people with a learning disability as active community members and agents of change.
  • Encouraging peer-to-peer support to combat self-stigma.
  • Empowering the disability movement to transform lived experiences into significant actions.

As a family of organisations, Catalyst Care Group strives to remove all barriers imposed on people with a learning disability, physical disability, care needs, and mental health challenges. It’s our goal to empower people to unlock their full potential and feel seen, heard and understood at home and in the community.

Discover more about our commitment to humanised support. 

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