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Best Practices and Receiving Outstanding Rating on CQC

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As human beings and health and social care professionals who deeply care about the well-being of the people we support, we go the extra mile to make a positive change in their lives. As we reflect on the immense amount of teamwork that led to our Outstanding rate of services in CQC, our hearts swell with pride and gratitude. We came together as a team and worked tirelessly towards a common goal that we have achieved as a collective. We had the opportunity to present our views and share our best practices at the first Catalyst Leadership and Best Practices Summit 2023.

Best Practices in Supporting the People We Serve

Person-centred care plans, matching our clinicians based on their strengths, and providing outcomes based on going above and beyond to meet a person’s needs are a few of the many best practices we have developed. 

To be surrounded by people who truly care and have profound compassion for the people we support is inspiring and compelling. The consistency of our clinicians’ support is the key to providing high-quality care.

We ensure our clinicians prioritise the unique needs of the people we serve in every assessment and provide specific training to aid the support effectively. 

Working on building solid relationships and trust allows us to dive deep into understanding a person’s needs, background and how their life is impacted. Our person-centred culture allows us to promote choice and positive risk-taking for the people we support by valuing their opinions. 

Creating Impact Through Supporting Our Clinicians

As a mindful organisation, we value our clinicians by providing the necessary resources, free training and support by always being available to them, responding to their queries promptly, and guiding them in the right direction. This approach ensures that our clinicians have the necessary support to carry out their roles effectively, helping them to provide the best possible care for the people we serve.

Fostering a culture of open learning, recognising that everyone is human and we all have something to learn, encourages continuous growth and improvement. We have built a community with our clinicians founded on mutual trust, fostering a sense of belonging and support and encouraging teamwork and collaboration. 

Our continuous aim is to provide consistent responses and support the way our clinicians provide to the people we serve. We recognise and value our clinicians, and we look at Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to ensure they receive the necessary training to complete their roles effectively.

Leading With Intention

When people are well-led, aligned as a team, effective and responsive, it is possible to build change that leads to a better tomorrow. Transformation and outstanding practices happen when people are led with a clear goal based on honest communication, teaming and finding solutions to improve lives.

With intentional leadership and trust within the teams, we can promote a people-centred and open culture and work in partnership with stakeholders. As we continuously learn and grow through experiences, we prioritise putting measures in place to improve our work, to recognise each other and take pride in what we accomplish as a Family. 

Achieving Outstanding CQC Rating Through Reliable Quality and Compliance

The journey to achieving the Outstanding CQC report revolves around our clear governance processes that were put in place to ensure that every aspect of our service was aligned with the highest standards of quality and safety.

With leadership oversight, we were able to standardise our processes across the board. We have training opportunities available to all team members. Our training compliance is monitored closely to ensure that every person is equipped with the necessary skills to provide exceptional care. Our resources are utilised to the fullest extent, ensuring we have everything necessary to comply with safe recruitment guidance.

We have quality monitoring visits (QMV), spot checks, supervision, and regular team meetings to ensure we continually operate at the highest level.

Anything can be achieved when we treat people with the compassion they deserve and intentionally put our hearts and minds into finding innovative solutions and providing unparalleled support.

Transforming lives

Transforming care for the better