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2023-A Year of Transformation and Positive Impact

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At Catalyst Care Group, 2023 was a year when many dreams came true, a year that filled hearts with joy, relief, and a sense of meaning. It was a year that restored hope to many families and reignited faith in humanity.

Precious Moments in Care

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the key takeaways that marked the past twelve months.

The Impact of Person-centred, Proactive Care and Consistent Support

As an organisation, we are committed to transforming challenges into opportunities, empowering people to thrive in the community and reach personal outcomes. Treating people with empathy, compassion, and acceptance has an incredibly positive impact on individuals and their families, paving the way towards independence and fulfilment.

In the New Year, let’s take a moment to reflect on the precious moments in care. 

Empowering Will: Will is a remarkable boy who loves sports, dancing and playing board games with the people he loves. This cheerful young man was born with Down syndrome, learning disabilities and speech delay and faced many challenges in finding consistent and continuous support throughout the years. Today, Will is a member of his community and enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, go-carting, bowling, and other sports. But most importantly, Will feels better about himself and has gained self-esteem and confidence. Now, Will is a happy, fulfilled boy with an active and engaging social life. Learn more about Will’s story and how one of our brands, Leaf Complex Care, empowered Will to achieve his goals and thrive. 

Empowering Elijah: Elijah was born with Apert syndrome and was a happy, cheerful, and active baby. At 18 months old, Elijah underwent a skull surgery that resulted in a severe brain infection during aftercare. This was a life-changing event in Elijah’s and his mum’s lives when she became his full-time carer. Before receiving care and support from one of our brands, Unique Community Services, Elijah’s mum spent years struggling to find proactive and consistent care to assist her in caring for her boy. Today, Elijah enjoys listening to music, travelling and visiting different places with his family and carers. Learn more about Elijah’s story and the importance of holistic, person-centred, heart-led care provided by our brand, Unique Community Services.  

Empowering Ben: Ben, a lovely young man with pathological demand avoidance and autism, faced unique challenges in his daily life. His mum, Hazel, was the only person he could trust and feel safe with until he met our team. As a specialised provider of crisis management and consistent care and support, we stepped in to address Ben’s individual needs. We are inspired by Ben’s smile as he navigates towards a fulfilling and more independent life. Ben enjoys going out into the world and engaging in fun new activities, and Hazel feels like Ben’s mum again. Learn more about Ben’s story and the importance of heart-led and proactive support by Nurseline Community Services. 

2023 – A Year of Growth, Genuine Transformation and Positive Impact

Working together as a humanised and people-centric organisation has empowered us to join  efforts and commit to continuous improvement, striving to achieve excellence in care. Every change is a small step towards remarkable transformation, and transforming healthcare for the better is the driving force for Catalyst Care Group. 

Let’s take a moment and reflect on the changes that we together, as a Family, have made in the past 12 months. These transformative months were marked by implementation of innovative and proactive strategies, and the positive outcomes showcased that:

  • Person-centred care is always the right approach
  • Families always know their loved ones best
  • It all starts with human rights

We are grateful for the invaluable lessons learned and the inspiring stories we have been part of.  

Highlights from the Care and Support Teams 

  • Extending the team with PBS professionals and speech and language therapists – In the last 12 months, our team welcomed new PBS leads and members across various disciplines, including speech and language therapists, proactive specialists, and occupational therapists. 
  • Talking Mats – Successful implementation of ‘Talking Mats’ training across the organisation to provide better support and quality of care to people with speech and communication difficulties. 
  • PROACT-SCIPr  – Over the past year, with joint work with the therapy & training team, we managed to train over 400 clinicians in PROACT-SCIPr UK. This is a huge achievement as we continue to support people proactively and compassionately with behaviours of concern. We have also delivered several bespoke person-centred courses for the people we support. 
  • Multimedia Advocacy (MMA) –  Started building awareness of MMA within health and social care. We have supported people with video support plans, bespoke training videos for teams, utilising QR codes for accessibility and social story animations. These are pushing care into the 21st century and have already gathered attention from other professionals. Catalyst Care Group been invited to share experience at next year’s Loddon conference.  
  • Transitions & Practice Leadership –  We supported people out of long-stay hospital care back into the community. These transitions have been years of planning with several practitioners and professionals involved.  Provided support to team members in practicing leadership to deliver the highest levels of care. 
  • Recognitions – At the Loddon Conference, we were recognised with two awards, which include runner-up for ‘Best Practice’ and ‘Instructor of the Year’. 

Celebrating Success and Remarkable Achievements in 2023

Let’s reflect on our accomplishments that stand as milestones in changing the narrative in the health and social care sector.  

 Catalyst Leadership and Best Practice Summit 2023 

Gathering our leaders and experts dedicated to transforming care for the better resulted in our first Best Practice and Leadership Summit 2023. By sharing best practices, we join the conversation and shape the future of healthcare together. Inspired by the success and invaluable experience, Catalyst Care Group is organising another Leadership and Best Practice Summit in 2024, committed to shaping the roadmap to excellence in leadership.   

Opening New Locations and Offices 

In the past 12 months, we have opened over five new locations and offices across England to be closer to your local area and provide support to people with lived experience and complex care needs. 

Care and Support West Awards 

The Care and Support West Awards recognise excellence in the health and social careindustry, from individual care to organisational service provision. It was a night to remember for the Catalyst Care Group family, and two of our nominated finalists won prestigious awards within their fields of expertise for the first time in our journey. 

Great Place to Work Certified  

Catalyst Care Group was recognised as a Great Place to Work-Certified™  organisation in 2023. The Great Place to Work ™  recognition celebrates our commitment to creating a people-centric and supportive workplace where employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full human potential. This remarkable achievement makes us stand out with our diverse workplace culture in the UK’s healthcare sector. 

Reflections like these empower us to build a vision for the future rooted in the successes we’ve already accomplished as a Family. 

Transforming lives

Transforming care for the better