Transforming care for the better

Humanising health and social care across the healthcare sector through highly trained clinicians dedicated to meet people’s complex needs.

Providing Complex Care at Home

We deliver person-centred tailored complex care, for individuals that need additional support in the comfort of their own homes

Our Clinicians are Our Heroes

Catalyst Care Group is certified as a Great Place To Work for All organisation and UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing. We provide an inclusive company culture where our clinicians can feel safe and valued

Welcome to

Catalyst Care Group

Welcome to

Catalyst Care Group

Catalyst Care Group is a house of brands with a clear vision of becoming a catalyst for change in the healthcare sector. Through delivering humanised care and support tailored to the people we serve, we go beyond good intentions to achieve inclusion and equity in healthcare for all.

Our expert clinicians are integral to our story, providing the people we support with proactive care for complex needs in their own homes. We support our clinicians in finding a career path tailored to their core skills and unique care abilities.

Catalyst Care Group is committed to voicing the Human Rights and fundamental freedoms of the people we serve, clinicians, office teams, and anybody involved within the organisation. People-centricity is at the heart of everything we do.


By consistently improving care and raising standards, Catalyst Care Group builds proactive, progressive solutions for people and facilitates change in the healthcare sector. Please take a moment to read these three blogs and find out more about our mission and what we aim to accomplish.

Putting a Stop to Delayed Hospital Discharges

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Preventing Out-of-Area Placements

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Admission Avoidance

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We believe that a sense of belonging and being valued is essential in creating an inclusive and supportive workplace for everyone.

Catalyst Care Group White Paper Publication 2023

Read our latest White Paper Publication 2023 built on the responses from 200+ support workers, commissioners, and families, showcasing the current state and challenges in the UK health and social care community.

Download now and join us in shaping a future where everyone feels heard, understood, and supported.

Empowering Jacob's Journey: Holistic and Person-Centred Care

Jacob, a remarkable boy with a brain abnormality associated with a learning disability and behavioural difficulties, faces unique challenges in his daily life. Additionally, he experiences non-epileptic seizures, making it crucial for him to be surrounded by a caring and understanding support system. As a dedicated provider of continuous and consistent care, we stepped in to address Jacob’s specific needs, aiming to create an environment where he feels safe and understood. Witnessing the positive impact of our support workers’ holistic and person-centred approach, we are inspired by Jacob’s smile as he navigates towards a fulfilling and more independent life.

Job Board

As a certified Great Place To Work® organisation and UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing, we are committed to offering extensive Free Training for all of our clinicians seeking an opportunity that involves learning and applying new skills to succeed in their roles in all areas of the sector.

If you can picture yourself in our organisation exceeding expectations for the individuals we support, delivering high-quality care and support, we would love to welcome you into our family.


Through our culture built on Family, Impact and Teaming, we are able to imprint the shared and lasting value of our work in the healthcare sector.

Learn more about our philanthropic efforts, such as supporting the Catalyst Foundation through empowerment in security, health and education.


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