Preventing Out-of-Area Placements

As health and social care professionals and human beings, we inherently know that when we are at home surrounded by familiarity and the people we love, we have a better chance of living well.

Preventing Out-of-Area Placements

Over the last few years, we are seeing increased levels of vulnerable people being moved (or placed) in care settings very far from their home communities.  This is due to several things, though the overriding factor is a lack of suitable community provisions designed to meet people’s complex needs.

Systemic Change is Needed

All too often, we hear stories of people consistently failing, not by the people working in the system, but as a result of a system unintentionally created, that is not optimally serving the needs of the most vulnerable individuals in our society.

Systemic change is needed, and we stand with you as fellow professionals in identifying the negative impact of Out of Area Placements.  We know that legislative change is ever-evolving, and we also know it takes time for those changes to come into effect.

However, there is an emerging need for courageous providers to step up, hand in hand with commissioning managers, in order to get creative about what people really need now.

Why do Commissioners and Case Managers Choose Catalyst Care Group?

Catalyst Care Group’s goal is to work alongside colleagues across systems to find solutions for people in their own homes and communities, providing humanised, high-quality support despite perceived limitations.

Commissioners and Case Managers work with us to:

  • Design bespoke support for people to return to their own communities
  • Identify suitable housing and plan for adaptations to properties based on our in-house clinical Multi-Disciplinary Team recommendations
  • Plan for emerging and future population needs within an Integrated Care System
  • Support families when their loved ones come home, to ensure the best outcomes for people returning to their communities
  • De-escalate crisis situations, giving Local Authority and Integrated Care Board MDTs time to arrange appropriate support close to home, avoiding an Out of Area Placements

The time has come for us all, as people who genuinely care, to focus on keeping people as close to their home comforts as possible. It’s going to take courage, flexibility, and faith to achieve this – but together, we can ensure people receive the care they so richly deserve.

To work with us on building proactive, progressive solutions for people, contact us.


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