Putting a Stop to Delayed Hospital Discharges

As health and social care professionals, we are acutely aware of the current systemic challenges we face collectively.

Putting a Stop to Delayed Hospital Discharges

One of the biggest issues our system faces is that of timely hospital discharge for people who no longer require treatment for their mental health diagnoses.

Currently, there are over 2000 autistic people or people with a learning disability detained in hospital wards within our mental health system. Many of these individuals live in unsuitable environments for their needs, often facing the further deterioration of their physical and mental health.

Human Rights Should be at the Forefront of all Decisions

As an organisation, we believe that Human Rights should be at the forefront of all decisions made in the best interests of our fellow human beings. Whilst at times this can prove challenging based on our multi-layered and complicated health and social care system, we believe that through thinking creatively and courageously, and working collaboratively with shared accountability, solutions can always be found.

What Does Catalyst Care Group Focus on?

At Catalyst Care Group, our focus is on the Transforming Care Agenda. Our goal is to support people who have acquired challenging reputations over time to move into their own homes, close to family, and within their communities.

We work with commissioners, case managers, and other professionals to facilitate discharges from hospitals and support people to become stable in their own homes, either alongside another provider or through one of our own provider organisations.

Why do Health and Social Care Professionals Choose Catalyst Care Group?

Health and social care professionals turn to Catalyst Care Group when they are looking for:

  • Bespoke packages of humanised care and support, designed around a person’s complex needs
  • Experience in trauma-informed approaches, and how to support people through difficult transitions in their lives
  • Ability to provide rapid response crisis support in a hospital or the community
  • Knowledge of systemic challenges, and the ability to draw key stakeholders together to make tangible progress for people
  • Relationships with specialist professionals and organisations built to provide solutions for people in the most complex situations
  • Reassurance that people will be safe in their own homes and communities

Our National Health Service is under mounting pressure, and we foresee the mental health epidemic to continue an upward trajectory. There are people in society who need clinical treatment for their mental health conditions.

However, we are currently facing a significant bed shortage, exacerbated by a high level of delayed hospital discharge we are facing a large bed shortage, exacerbated by a high level of delayed discharges from hospitals.

Catalyst Care Group Core Belief

We believe that autistic people, people with learning disabilities, and neurodiverse people should have equal access to proactive, compassionate, and humanised care and support in their own homes, as opposed to being detained under the Mental Health Act for these neurological differences.

We know this can only be achieved by working together across our wider system, and it is through connection with other professionals that we can make a difference, one person at a time.

To have a discussion about how we can support you with a complex situation, or to make a referral, contact our Referrals and Admissions team.

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