Values at Catalyst Care Group


Values at Catalyst Care Group

Family. Impact. Teaming

Our Vision at Catalyst Care Group is to humanise health and social care, to be the most clinician centric organisation and a great place to work for all – the latter two things, we believe, being the key to achieving the first.

For us, this means that in every thought, action and interaction, we intentionally lead with the humanised aspects, over any other.

In order for us to achieve that, a strong culture is essential, which is why we have consistently invested our time, energy focused on developing the unique culture that we enjoy today.
At Catalyst Care Group, we share a defined set of core values that both guide and drive the beliefs, thoughts and day-to-day actions and interactions, of our people at all levels across the Group.
Our core values of FAMILY, IMPACT and TEAMING are not simply words.

They are principles that are at the centre of our culture, which drives everything we believe, think, feel, say, and do.

They drive our policies, our processes, our systems, and our services, and they drive our behaviours and outcomes.

From our people-first leadership approach, and our family-inspired working environment, to our focus on the person in every interaction, our loyalty to our values aligns us with our vision.

They provide us with a framework within which to make decisions, set goals, define expectations, prioritise tasks, focus effort and develop our people.
And they provide us with the language to challenge, support, and nurture each other in order to realise our individual and collective goals and move towards our vision with ease.
Everyone who works with us is recruited, onboarded, supported and developed with these three values in mind, which means that they are principles that are truly valued by us all, and because of that, they can be seen and heard in the words and behaviours of the people that choose to work with us.

By intentionally living these values every single day, together, we protect the integrity of the Catalyst brand and as a result, the future happiness and success of every person who works with it: employees, clinicians, clients and those we serve, ultimately enabling them to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

FAMILY - A group of people in your life that want you in theirs

From the way we work together and the work we do together, to the impact of that work on our colleagues, our clinicians, the people we serve and our/their loved ones… Family is important to us.

What do we mean by FAMILY?

Family means feeling part of something – having a sense of belonging.
It also means feeling cared about and for, accepted and supported, and safe. It’s knowing that if we fall over, we get picked up.

  • Our people and the people we support are all one family.
  • We embrace difference and accept people for who they are.
  • We approach every situation and interaction with empathy.
  • We actively get to know each other and to understand our individual needs.
  • We hold the space for each other through challenging times
  • We approach conflicts with a determination to resolve them as they arise. 
  • We treat each other and those we serve with the compassion and respect that their family would.

Family is also about being given the opportunity to grow and being held accountable to be our best self. It’s also about feeling challenged and stretched. Sometimes, it’s about tough love.

  • We take personal responsibility for our feelings, thoughts and actions.
  • We communicate our needs and expectations explicitly.
  • We acknowledge our weaknesses, put our hand up when we make mistakes, apologise when we’re wrong and ask for help when we need it.
  • We actively seek and embrace feedback and deliver truth with kindness.
  • We take responsibility for how we make others feel. 
  • We challenge each other and coach each other through change.
  • We intentionally cultivate an environment where we all play to our strengths and ultimately thrive.

Ultimately family is about enabling all parties to thrive

  • We practice gratitude for what we have.
  • We have faith in each other.
  • We demonstrate an openness to evolving, both personally and as an organisation. 
  • We bring others along with us.

IMPACT - A strong affect or influence on someone or something

From our sense of outrage for those failed by the healthcare system to our conviction and determination to make a meaningful difference to our clients, clinicians, and the people we serve… Impact is important to us.

What do we mean by IMPACT?

Impact means being driven by the effect of the work we do on the people we work with and support. We are intentional, with our words and actions, to leave a positive and lasting footprint in the lives of each other and the people we are privileged to support and serve. For us, impact starts with having a shared vision and purpose.

  • We prioritise our shared vision over our individual or divisional agenda.
  • We believe in possibility in seemingly impossible situations and so we think, speak, and act with intention, push boundaries and take positive risks, to bring about change.
  • We recognise that our model is key to us delivering quality humanised care and to driving positive change in the sector, and so we make commercially driven decisions that enable long term sustainability.

Impact is also about putting our clinicians at the centre of every thought, action and interaction (clinician centricity).

  • We recognise that our clinicians happiness and wellbeing is key to us reaching our vision and so we prioritise their needs.
  • We believe that enabling our clinicians means ensuring that they are looked after, challenged & developed, and feel valued.
  • We actively seek to keep our clinicians in the work they want.

Ultimately, impact is about the quality of the care we provide.

  • We invest in developing our knowledge, skills, and competence in line with services we provide and the needs of the people we support.
  • We provide first-class training, bespoke to the needs of the people we support.
  • We define and intentionally role model the best care in the sector.
  • We consistently evaluate the effect of the care we provide and evolve our services based on feedback.
  • We acknowledge and reward alignment with our values and quality wark.
  • Our clinician teams and care plans are selected and prepared with the needs and aspirations of the person we are supporting at the centre.
  • We recognise that sometimes the smallest things make a big difference, and so we ask questions, and listen, to identify additional ways to add value.
  • Going above and beyond is second nature for us and we ensure that our care results in meaningful independence and skill development, enabling the people we support to follow their aspirations and achieve their desires.

TEAMING - Teamwork on the fly

From our acceptance of the need to work effectively across boundaries, in order to find the best possible solutions, to our commitment to working in partnership, in order to serve our clinicians, clients and the people we support… Teaming is important to us.

What do we mean by TEAMING?

Teaming is defined as a dynamic activity of coordination and collaboration driven by the mindset and practices of teamwork, without the design and structures of effective teams. It requires a collective mindset

  • We believe that what one can do, many can do better and so we think and act as a collective and speak in terms of ‘us’ and ‘we’ (not ‘I’ and ‘me’).
  • We believe that that learning together is easier than learning on your own and so we embrace our colleagues, clinicians, clients and competition as our teachers.

Teaming is also about curiosity, information and knowledge sharing, and

  • We believe that being intentionally curious can help us identify changes in the market, understand clients’ requirements better and discover new possibilities and so when opportunities to collaborate, across boundaries, appear, we demonstrate humility, intentionally seeking to find out what others know and what they can bring to the table, (“what is your view?”, “what are we missing?”).
  • We communicate openly and clearly, are generous with our time, information, and knowledge (to the extent that it is commercially wise), and with opportunities, even when we personally may not benefit.
  • We allow everyone to experiment and make mistakes, speak frankly, and share ideas or concerns, ask questions, and listen to and consider all input in order to find the best solutions.

Ultimately Teaming is about contribution

  • We believe that passion drives discretionary effort and so we maintain a personal emotional connection to our vision and purpose and clarity of our ‘what’s in it for me’.
  • We actively develop empathy to enable us to collaborate effectively under pressure.
  • We embrace ownership of outcomes and take pride in delivering.

Our values are in essence, our DNA in that they are fundamental to how we work together, how we influence the sector, and how we transform the lives of others.
Ultimately, they are our vehicle for being a catalyst for transforming care in the sector, and creating a great place to work for all: our colleagues and our clinicians, where people are given the opportunity to both BE and CONTRIBUTE their best, and to work together collaboratively, to humanise care, and make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the people we support.

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