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The Impact of Physical Disabilities on Mental Health and Well-Being

Empowering people with physical disability to nurture their mental health and well-being is essential for improving their overall quality of life. Read more about the impact of physical disabilities on mental health and how to find quality care and support services that will support you in achieving your goals and aspirations. The Link Between Physical […]

Building Safeguarding Culture in Health and Social Care

Safeguarding means protecting people’s human rights, ensuring a safe and trusting environment, prioritising child protection and being aligned with safeguarding policy. Care providers, support workers, social workers, managers, and the wider community must work together to build an environment where safeguarding is seen as a shared responsibility. This involves continuous education, clear communication, and the establishment of robust […]

Living Proud: My Story for Pride Month

Love knows no boundaries, no limits, and no prejudice. It is a universal language that unites us all. What Is Pride Month? To understand pride month, we have to understand a bit of history around the LGBTQ+ community.In 1969, we had the Stonewall Riots which took place in a gay bar in Manhattan, US. The […]

Will You Support Me?

Supporting people with a learning disability is not just about addressing challenges; it’s about recognising and removing the barriers imposed by society. Our support can transform lives, providing a more inclusive, understanding, and compassionate world. “Will you support me?” Our answer can make all the difference. A learning disability does not define a person’s capabilities; […]

Will You Work with Me?

Learning Disabilities Week is a time to celebrate the resilience, talents, and true potential of people with a learning disability. It’s also an opportunity to address the barriers neurodiverse people face, particularly in the workplace, and join together as a society to create equal and inclusive spaces for everyone. Learning Disabilities Week is a time […]

Do You Understand Me?

The true understanding of people with learning disabilities comes not from seeing their struggles as limitations but from recognising their unique perspectives and strengths and embracing the different ways we can all contribute to the world. Effective communication goes beyond words; it involves patience, clarity, and adaptability to ensure messages are received and understood the […]


In a world where communication is essential for connection, people with learning disability frequently face challenges in getting their voices heard. “Do You Hear Me?” highlights the common feeling of being unheard that many people with an disability experience and calls for a shift in perspective to truly see and hear their voices. In a […]

Do You See Me?

People with learning differences have unique strengths that light up the world in ways others may not see at first glance. Embrace diversity, celebrate strengths. Many people with a learning disability do not feel seen due to social stigma and barriers placed by society. Unconsciously, we often create bias and differentiate people as ‘us’ and […]

The Goals of PROACT SCIPr Training

The PROACT-SCIPr training is part of the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) practices developed to support people with diverse needs and behaviours that challenge to lead an independent and fulfilling life in the community. Based on the values of the whole-person approach, the PROACT SCIPr methodology aims to identify and prevent all the possible triggers that could stimulate […]

Safeguarding Children: Health and Social Care Roles

Safeguarding is a critical responsibility for health and social care professionals. It covers a wide range of concerns, from abuse and neglect to exploitation. Child safeguarding necessitates comprehensive policies and protocols. These frameworks offer best practices and guidance, empowering professionals to effectively respond to concerns and recognise the signs of abuse. What is Safeguarding Children? […]

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