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Share Your Voice in Shaping the Future of Health and Social Care

In health and social care, making a transformative change takes time, effort and genuine commitment.

Last year’s White Paper Publication served as a foundation for transforming care, showing us what needs to be improved in health and social care. 

The Purpose

The aim of this year’s White Paper Survey is to show us what progress has been made in the past twelve months, but also dive deeper into the current experiences and challenges of families, carers, commissioners and healthcare professionals. 

The survey includes questions relating to: 

  • Personal experiences of people and families: Hearing the voices of people receiving care and their families to improve the quality of care and achieve better outcomes. 
  • Clinician perspectives: Gaining valuable insights from frontline clinicians as they navigate the complexities of healthcare delivery. 
  • Employee dynamics: Exploring the experiences and challenges faced by the dedicated professionals working tirelessly within health and social care. 
  • Commissioning challenges: Understanding commissioners’ challenges in optimising resource allocation and service delivery. 

 Our White Paper Survey is more than research; it’s a call to action. Together, we can explore the possibilities for a future where health and social care are more inclusive, effective, and responsive to the needs of our community. 

 We invite you to join the conversation as we continue with our commitment to building the right support for people.  


The information obtained from these surveys serves as a foundation for informed decision-making and targeted improvements in delivering health and social services, ultimately leading to better outcomes for individuals and communities.

Stay informed in future editions, where we will explore sector-specific trends and highlight important changes in care. 

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Transforming lives

Transforming care for the better