Maximising Learning Potential Through Valuable Best Practices – Inspired by the Catalyst Leadership and Best Practice Summit 2023

When leaders prioritise trust and lead intentionally, they create an environment where individuals feel safe, empowered, impacted, and inspired to give their best.

Maximising Learning Potential Through Valuable Best Practices – Inspired by the Catalyst Leadership and Best Practice Summit 2023

We had the privilege to attend the first Catalyst Leadership and Best Practice Summit 2023, held in Skopje, which served as a platform for us, the leaders in different fields of the Family, to share insights and our best practices, as well to exchange valuable ideas when it comes to intentional leadership. The summit served as a source of knowledge, fostering a collaborative environment where we had the opportunity to convey empowering messages. As a CFO & coach of the organisation, this summit has offered me a unique opportunity to broaden my perspectives and connect with like-minded leaders on a shared journey towards valuable impact and excellence.

Thriving Together Through Best Practices

Embodying and encouraging best practices that foster a thriving and high-performing team is crucial in my role. Teamwork lies at the heart of success, where every person’s unique strengths and perspectives are valued, leading to impactful collective achievements. Aligning the team’s goals with the organisation’s vision amplifies the impact, creating a powerful synergy. Every financial leader must embrace a culture of collaboration and shared learning. That way, we tap into inspiration and innovation, propelling ourselves and our organisations to new heights. Together, we can ignite a transformative shift within our profession, empowering one another to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and redefine what is possible.

Cultivating Trust-Based Leadership

Following my father’s footsteps as my role model in the industry, I carried into the world of finances and experienced the love that drives this sector from a very young age. He taught me many practices, but in time I realised what those practices meant at the core – where there is a purpose, there is always a clear path towards effective leadership based on trust.

Trust-based leadership fosters authentic connections and unlocks the true potential of teams. Ensuring my everyday actions align with a robust and crystal-clear vision and creating an environment where everyone can thrive is the key to inspiring and motivating those around you to reach new heights. You sow the seeds of trust by being authentic, transparent, and consistent in your words and actions. When you empower others, delegate responsibilities, and show genuine belief in their abilities, you create an environment where trust can succeed. Trust-based leadership fosters collaboration, encourages creativity, and propels individuals and teams to surpass their expectations.

As a leader, I know that trust-based leadership is not merely a title or a role but a way of being. It requires humility, vulnerability, and a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of those you lead. When trust is the foundation, people feel safe to take risks, stretch their limits, and embrace innovation. My aim in the role is to coach and inspire others through their unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and ethical decision-making in finance.

Financial Foresight and a Strategic Mindset

In the role as a CFO, these are the essential qualities one must hold. With the ability to anticipate the latest movements in the financial industry and identify potential risks, I can confidently navigate the complex financial terrain with financial foresight. Staying ahead of the curve is essential to proactively identify growth opportunities, optimise financial resources, and implement robust risk management strategies. Moreover, the strategic mindset aligns financial objectives with overall business goals, driving sustainable growth and maximising shareholder value. In my role, financial foresight and a strategic mindset go hand in hand, enabling me to make informed decisions that shape the organisation’s future.

Invest in Strong Relationships with Your Team

It is crucial that you embrace your team’s wisdom, for within their diverse experiences lies a wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered.

As we foster an environment of continuous learning and mutual respect, personal growth and collective success follow. I believe that the true greatness that a finance team achieves goes beyond the professional realm – by loving and supporting your team members wholeheartedly. By creating a culture of empathy, trust, and genuine care, I encourage my team to grow, unleashing their full potential. Investing in relationships with my team is crucial for success because it fosters trust, collaboration, and a positive work environment, leading to increased productivity and innovation. The strong relationships we build also enhance our communication, problem-solving, and work engagement, driving better outcomes and achieving organisational goals.

Ultimately, it is all about loving your team, supporting them, seeing their potential, and helping them excel. The trust you put in your team will develop strong relationships, and when stressful situations arise, you’ll be better aligned, and greater contributions can be made.

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