Benefits for Clinicians at Catalyst Care Group

Catalyst Care Group stands out in the UK healthcare system with its humanised approach to complex care and support.

Benefits for Clinicians at Catalyst Care Group

Our brands deliver a wide range of CQC-regulated, person-centred care services to individuals with complex needs in their own homes. We make every effort to create a thriving work environment where clinicians are motivated to provide every client with person-centred care and support.

It's All About Our Clinicians

Troughout the Catalyst Care Group brands, our clinicians are the backbone of our mission. They imprint our core values in everything they do and strive to leave a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people, as well as their families. We acknowledge the central role of clinicians in our story and aim to create a healthy work environment that rewards their efforts.

Our brands are always in search of dedicated clinicians who are ready to help our clients achieve their full potential. If you are passionate about guiding people with complex needs on their journey to independence, don’t hesitate to apply for the position of clinician and join the Catalyst Care Group family.

What Benefits Do We Offer to Our Clinicians?

We approach our clinicians’ mental health and well-being with great responsibility and dedication. In Catalyst Care Group, making our employees feel seen and appreciated is of the utmost importance.

We inspire our clinicians to be the best versions of themselves through various benefits. Below are listed the benefits we offer to our outstanding clinicians.

Free training

Catalyst Care Group offers free training courses where clinicians can gain all the required knowledge to excel in their careers.

Hardship Funds

In order to make clinicians feel secure, Catalyst Care Group brands provide financial aid in times of challenging life circumstances and hardships. You can choose full payment (£200 pre-paid Mastercard) or ask for a partial one (£50, £100, or £150).

Referral Scheme

Moving forward, we offer special financial benefits for clinicians who refer new applicants to our companies. You can receive these referral bonuses as pre-paid Mastercards.

Field Care Coach

Our field care coaches are here to visit clinicians in their work environment (i.e. the clients’ homes) and provide them with coaching support. clinicians can also get positive or negative feedback from their field care coach.

Player of the Week 

To keep clinicianss constantly motivated, our care coordinators reward the chosen A player of the week with 25 Catalyst coins.

Employee of the Month 

Every month, our office staff chooses a clinician that has represented the brand in the best light. This clinician will receive an Employee of the Month certificate as well as a Catalyst Care Group goodie bag.

Employee of the Year

Based on ongoing client feedback and the previous Employee of the Month awards, our team selects an Employee of the Year who will receive 2500 Catalyst coins.

Paid day-off

Providing care services to individuals with complex needs is a highly responsible job that can lead to burnout. In these cases, we give our clinicians a paid day off and a 12-hour shift as an HCA or RMN.

Individual feedback

Whenever a satisfied client gives us outstanding feedback on our clinicians’ individual work or teamwork, we will award them 250 Catalyst coins.

Coffee Mornings

Clinicians on maternity leave or sick leave due to mental health struggles or injuries can enjoy a coffee morning with the team at their chosen location. On these coffee mornings, we give our clinicians the space to express their emotions and worries about their job at Catalyst Care Group.

Goodwill Gestures 

Whenever our clinicians go through a minor inconvenience, such as issues with Payroll or last-minute shift changes, we award them 100 Catalyst coins. In cases of injuries or other traumatic experiences on your shift, we will compensate you with 250 Catalyst coins.

Milestone Birthdays 

Catalyst Care Group brands bring birthday joy to our clinicians by awarding them 200 Catalyst coins valued at £40.

Years of Service

We award our clinicians’ loyalty by rewarding them with 150 Catalyst coins for completing one year of service, 300 Catalyst coins for five years, 500 Catalyst coins for ten years, 1000 Catalyst coins for 15 years, and 1500 coins for 20 years.

Clinician Champion

We allow our clinicians to nominate office staff members who have advocated for their colleagues. Nominated clinicians will receive an appropriate award from their internal HR team.

Compliance Trailblazer

Our compliance team can award 125 Catalyst coins to proactive clinicians who give training certificates on time, don’t cancel their training, and renew their training before its expiry.

Training Trailblazer

Clinicians who show exceptional interest and participation during their training sessions can receive 25 Catalyst coins from our in-house trainers.

Message from the CEO

Our leadership team validates the most dedicated clinicians who go above and beyond for their brand by awarding them 500 Catalyst coins.

Secret Santa

During Christmas time, Catalyst Care Group’s office staff will put a smile on the face of a clinicians who has had a tough year by awarding them 200 Catalyst coins.


Whenever our clinicians share their stories for the marketing section, they can receive 250 Catalyst coins from our marketing team.

New Driver

If you just passed your driving test, you can receive 100 Catalyst coins.

Just Graduated!

We gift 200 Catalyst coins to our clinicians who have just completed their education journey.

Just Married

To congratulate you on your marriage, we will gift you a £40 John Lewis gift card.

New Baby

Clinicians who have just given birth will receive a £30 John  Lewis gift card.

Welcome to the Property Ladder 

If you just bought your very first property, we will gift you a £40 John Lewis gift card.

Payroll Services for Employees

Catalyst Care Group offers payroll services to all employees. Our payroll saving scheme provides an easy way to save and a flexible way to borrow directly from your pay. So, apart from developing a savings habit, you can also save as you earn.

Are You Interested in Joining our Family?

In Catalyst Care Group, you can enjoy the benefits of a motivating work environment with a wide range of bonuses and awards for every milestone you reach. If helping individuals with complex needs is your calling, our brands are the right place for you.

We always welcome the impact of new dedicated clinicians. Contact us for available job opportunities now and join the Catalyst Care Group team!

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