Catalyst Care Group Announces Finalists for National LD and Autism Awards 

Catalyst Care Group is delighted to share that the LD Network Team and Ashleigh Fox have been named finalists in this year's National LD and Autism Awards. These awards honor individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to the lives of autistic people and those living with learning disabilities.

Catalyst Care Group Announces Finalists for National LD and Autism Awards 

LD Network Team as finalists for the ‘Making a Difference’ Award

The LD Network Team has been recognised as a finalist for the Making a Difference Award. This acknowledgment is due to their dedicated efforts in facilitating complex discharges, enabling people to live in their own homes and to have the opportunity to become active members of their community.

The team works closely with people, health and social care providers, and families to ensure smooth transitions for people back to their own homes and communities. Their person-centred approach and commitment to collaboration have positively impacted over 200 people’s lives, making a meaningful difference in the community.

The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Finalist awards: Ashleigh Fox

Ashleigh Fox has been named a finalist for the Outstanding Contribution to Social Care award. Ashleigh’s work in enhancing social care services for autistic people and people with a learning disability has been truly inspiring. Her innovative practices and advocacy have led to improvements in care quality and systemic changes that benefit the broader community. Ashleigh’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by people, as well as the systems serving them, and her dedication to promoting inclusion and independence highlight her as a deserving finalist.

About the National LD and Autism Awards

The National LD and Autism Awards celebrate excellence in the field of learning disabilities and autism. These awards highlight the efforts of those who have made significant contributions, fostering continued progress and advocacy in the sector.

On behalf of our organisation, we would like to congratulate Ashleigh Fox and the LD Network Team for their contributions and continuous efforts in transforming care in the UK for the better.

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